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Welcome to my Web site!

My name is Paul Hoffmaster and I am a No-code Tech. I have been in the hobby for 10 Years. I am a member of the Boward County A.R.E.S and R.A.C.E.S. I figured that I have gained a lot from Amateur Radio, and it was about time I give back to the hobby. I am involved with the Boward Amateur Radio Club, located in Broward County, Florida.

My other Amateur Radio pages
IRLP Contacts • SEFTN Check-ins • Antenna Projects

Other interests in the hobby

Member of the Boward County A.R.E.S/R.A.C.E.S
*In Boward County, These are joined*

Net Control Operator for The South East Florida Traffic Net for the Sunday Early & Night Session (S.E.F.T.N)

I'm A Certified Skyward Spotter

I'm Active with The Boward Amateur Radio Club

Plans for some of the Antennas that I have built

Here are some antenna designs I have come across that are great for a small stations. Please understand that these are not of my own design! To download, just "right-click" and click "Save

A 2m Copper Cactus
Plans drawn by Mark Keefer, N3JNC

A 146.5 MHz; TV Twin-Lead J-Pole


Pictures from recent HAM Activities
for such as Club Meetings, Field Day, ARES & RACES meetings, FL QSL party


June 2004 Meeting of the
Boward Amateur Radio Club



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